In this course, we want to show some use cases of our components, as well as what processors are and how to use them.

We cover lots of great use cases that our customers use, as well as some lesser known but powerful components that can help you with your data acquisition from non data API data sources.

In Keboola, there are a lot pre-build components such as Google Drive, various databases, marketing tools etc. There are also components such as FTP, email or S3 where you can store data in text files which can have different formats. That's when processors help because they can unify those files.

After completing this course, you will be able to search and use components and processors to effectively work with your data.

The Common Components and Processors is a part of these certificates: Data Engineer, Sr Data Engineer, Data Scientist

Total Video Lessons Length: 84 Minutes

Time for your notes, coffee breaks (in this course you will definitely need it!), video replays: N/A (individual)

Assignment Length: 90 - 150 Minutes

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Intro and Components Overview

    • Public vs Private Components

    • Component Developers

    • Component Configurations

  • 2


    • Processors

    • Processor Example

    • S3 Processors Deep Dive

  • 3

    Common Components

    • FTP, Email, HTTP

    • KBC, Geocoder, Apify, Selenium

    • Generic Extractor

    • Text Analytics

    • Mailgun

    • Common Processors

  • 4


    • Assignment Overview

    • Assignment

    • S3 Intro

  • 5


    • Resources

  • 6

    Before you go ...

    • Course Feedback