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Data for everyone! The goal of the Keboola Data Academy is to shape you into a Keboola power user. Strengthen your Keboola Connection knowledge, earn a certificate, and level-up as a data professional.
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Is Keboola Data Academy the right step in your career? It is perfect for professionals with data pipeline experience who want to learn the power of Keboola for data backend tasks. Users who have been working in Keboola for a while will learn how to master and leverage it to its full potential. Don't you worry, it's also for beginners. You've never seen Keboola, but you are interested to start exploring and learning. That's great, because we recommend you to take Data Engineer Certificate, where you'll learn basics about Keboola. Use Pay As You Go program (Keboola for free) and start building data pipelines with your data. Make your business better with us!

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You can now start working with Keboola Connection for free and without a contract. Simply signing up on the website starts a project under the Free Plan. Create your keboola project for your business and use cases today.
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    Our comprehensive courses and training will get you from newbie to architect.

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    Put your knowledge into practice with carefully chosen assignments. Receive valuable feedback from your instructors and advance to the next level faster.

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    Enough with the theory! Our lessons are built on years of experience so be ready to dive into real-life examples and use cases.


Want to stand out from your peers, to employers, or to the data community? Get Keboola certified! We have Data Engineer Certificate available. To register, sign up for the Certificate courses, which bundles several courses together for your Certification curriculum. Soon, you can get also Senior Data Engineer, Developer, or Data Scientist Certificate.


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"Academy has exposed me to all sorts of capabilities within Keboola that I didn't know were possible. Now that I am aware they exist, they open up a whole new level of brainstorming and excited about what we'll be able to leverage within our own project."


"It helped me a lot because I learned many new things. Especially things like Processors. Now I can do more things with Extractors and Writers. The Best Practice lesson was very good because I could go to my project and improve it."


"The Academy helped me get a bigger picture about what we are doing and what is possible in terms of what that Keboola allows us to do."