In this course, we will show you the variety of tools available to debug issues in the platform or with your data pipeline.

We cover examples and common issues that we come across for our users (changes in platform/pipeline setting, source data quality issues, SQL errors), and how to debug and fix them. 

After completing this course, you will be able to debug and fix common issues. You will also be more able to prevent them by good practice.

The course is a part of these certificates: Data Engineer, Sr Data Engineer

Total Video Lessons Length: 103 Minutes

Time for your notes, coffee breaks, video replays: N/A (individual) 

Assignment Length: 45 - 90 Minutes

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Debug Techniques

    • Common Errors

    • Storage and Jobs Events

    • Invalid SQL Queries

    • Output Mapping Errors

    • Quiz 1

    • Missing Records alias Primary Keys Problems

    • Unable to Merge Primary Key

    • Invalid Cipher

    • Quiz 2

    • Dropped Tables

    • Debug Transformation

    • Native Types

    • Quiz 3

    • Assignment

    • Course Feedback

    • Resources