This course will show you how KBC is suited for scalable analytics, and organization wide deployments.

Learn about common use cases, and examples of how to split up projects  in order to involve more users and use cases in Keboola. 

For example, your organization has a team of data developers who are taking care of data as a whole. They prepare tables which can be shared to other projects for data analytics. That means that data developers are responsible for getting data and its quality and data analytics are the users of this data. 

After completing this course, you will know the advantages of the setup and you will know how to create it as well.

The course is a part of these certificates: Sr Data Engineer

Total Video Lessons Length: 45 Minutes

Time for your notes, coffee breaks, video replays: N/A (individual)

Quiz Length: 9 questions (spend time individual)

Assignment Length: no assignment included

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Multi Project Architecture

    • Introduction

    • From Data Tool to Data Platform

    • Architecture Design

    • Model Example - Bank

    • Model Example Bank Part 2

    • From Single to Multi Project Architecture

    • Architecture Blueprint

    • Examples

    • Sharing Data

    • Orchestrations

    • Quiz

    • Before you go ...